Coco Montrese, Las Vegas, NV
An American female impersonator/superstar, who's talents are undeniable and the personality of an Hollywood icon. 
Coco is known for her award winning impersonation of the infamous Janet Jackson and the legendary Tina Turner.  Coco has many awards and has been recognized by many organizations and charities. 
Coco was crowned the title of Miss Gay America 2010, which was a huge pivotal moment for the pageantry system that has been around since 1972. Coco is also known as the Lipsync assassin of season 5 of the Emmy award winning Reality show RuPauls Drag Race she was also invited back to appear on the series  All-stars season 2, which has gone  down in the shows history as one of the most epic season's watched.
Miss Montrese is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. 
Coco Montrese studied her craft of entertainment and Theater arts at Alabama State University,  and her 11 year career as an entertainer for Walt Disney Entertainment in Orlando, Florida which has helped her accomplish so much in the entertainment industry. 
If you are ever in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, NV and are on the strip, you will definitely see her face on billboards, moving trolly and trucks in the entertainment capital of the world You can also catch her on Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's at Voss Events Drag Brunch at Senior Frogs located inside of Treasure Island hotel and casino  on the strip. 
Come check her out, you will have the most unforgettable experience of your life.